SumTrack we pride ourselves on delivering excellent solutions and services in: fleet management, fuel management, Tracking solution and cargo tracking & management.

Fuel Management
Driver Management
Vehicle Management
Real time location
Trips report
Safari Truck Tracking

Tracker solution is not just a mainstream vehicle tracking solution but an sophisticated customized solution designed to cover: fuel management, driver management, vehicle management, real time location, trips report.

  •  Fuel Management
  •  Driver Management
  •  Vehicle Management
  •  Real time location
  •  Trips report

With these great features, you are able to appreciably cut down your operational costs by up to 26% thereby raising your profits.

The tour operators are able to get detailed daily, weekly or monthly reports filled with important information such as work and unauthorized work hours, fuel usage, trip logs and several others.

School Bus Tracking & Management

Child safety is a top priority for any concerned parent. We understand that parents need to know that their children are safe while in transit to and from their respective schools. This is why we customized an all-round solution for School Buses.

It makes total sense to have GPS vehicle tracking systems installed in school buses to ensure the safety of students because that’s when you add value to your educational services. Having the ability to track your school buses at any given moment means that you also have the ability to locate your driver and students more quickly. We cover

What`s Covered
We got the following covered
  •  Play back history
  •  Trips reports
  •  Cut off fuel
  •  Switch off Engine
  •  Driving Style report
  •  Deference geo fencing
  •  Vehicles Maintenances report
Ensure student safety during pick-ups/ drop offs

Believe it or not, there’s nothing more frustrating for the parents waiting to pick their kid at the bus stop realizes that he/she is not there on the bus. School bus tracking is not just about tracking bus in real time, it’s about ensuring safety & security of students, ensuring they have arrived at the drop-off/pick-up points safely.

Evaluate driving patterns & reduce accident risks

Heartbreaking stories of motor vehicle accidents being frequent nowadays, wouldn’t it be good enough to keep monitoring your school bus drivers’ performance on the road all the while? With driver identification devices configured to GPS tracking devices, getting notifications when vehicle speeds over the set limit, does a harsh braking, sudden acceleration or severe turning help you pinpoint the reckless driver and take immediate action to avoid accidents. Parents can receive immediate alerts.

GeoFence Alerts

Catch Problems Early

Get instant alerts for idling, speeding, engine faults, battery level, and geofences to keep your fleet safe and running.

Geo-fence tracking may contain reports including how long vehicles have been outside a geofenced area which also identifies the possibility of unnecessary vehicle use and could save fuel and dramatically saving money. Geo-fencing can provide many businesses with the option to reduce their workers time that is logged and time taken in filling them out as they are aware when their workers arrive and depart from job sites automatically.